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Understanding why phone cards have fees

January 7th, 2013

“Why do some phone cards have fees and others do not?”

When a customer contacts ZapTel looking for advice on the phone card that’s right for them, we ask a few different questions: how long do your calls last; how often per week do you use your phone card; do you prefer a card with a flat-rate or low rates with fees?  This is our way of narrowing down the choices available through ZapTel to find the card that’s best for the customer’s calling need.  Recently when helping a customer with this, I was asked why phone cards have fees.  It’s a valid question and I felt it was one that should be answered in our blog.


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Introducing the Precision World No Fee Phone Card

September 26th, 2011

“What’s ZapTel’s newest phone card?”

We’re proud to re-introduce a great phone card redesigned for not only great rates but flat rate calling to anywhere in the world: The Precision World phone card exclusively found at


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