Phone cards are alive and well in 2019

January 8th, 2019

“Are phone cards still a good way to make phone calls?”

Not only are phone cards a good way to make calls, they’re great in so many different ways. In this day and age, there are several different ways that you can make a domestic or international calls. Still, phone cards have their place in the market and are saving people money with every call.

While 95% of Americans own a cell phone according to this study, not all have international calling plans. Using a mobile phone along with a phone card allow people to affordably make their international calls.

Many of our customers also tell us how they love using phone cards to stay on budget and get the most out of the money spent calling loved ones. Remember this rule of thumb: frequent, long talkers may benefit more from cards with fees while infrequent, or short talkers, may do better with a flat rate phone card. Read up on how to do phone card math to help pick the best phone card for your calling needs.

Consumers making domestic phone calls often like to use phone cards as well so they aren’t tied into a long distance phone plan. Even though mobile phone ownership is high, about 46% of households still have landline service. To keep costs low, people can continue using a basic landline plan while using a phone card for long distance calling. This is especially ideal for those who don’t often make out of town or out of state calls.

Want to see how ZapTel can save you money on your long distance and international phone cards? Click here to do a rate search to your most frequent calling destination.

Have other phone card questions? Check out our FAQ Page for answers about your ZapTel phone card and account.

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