How to dial international phone numbers

May 1st, 2017

“How do I all an international phone number?”

Most Americans are used to the telephone number formatting of dialing.  For many, calling a local phone number means dialing a 7-digit number where the first three numbers are assigned to a general area or region.  For long distance calls, you add 1 + the area code + the 7 digit number.  Calling international numbers follow the same basic format but may look a touch different.

Here is the  basic format for dialing an international phone number:

011 + Country Code + City Code + Number

This is similar to a U.S. phone number in that the country code for the US is 1, the area code is the city code, and the number is the remaining 7 digits.

Canada also uses 1 as its country code.  When calling from the U.S.A. to Canada, you just dial 1 + Area Code + Number.

U.S. territories, like Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, also use 1 as their country code with the same phone number formatting as the U.S.

With the exception of the United States, Canada, and Russia whose country codes are just one digit, most other country codes are 2-3 digits in length.  When dialing from the U.S., you do not need to put any zeros between the 011 and the country code.

When someone gives you their international phone number, it’s important that they give you all the dialing details for the number.  Every country may have a different format for their phone numbers.  Additionally, a country’s mobile phone format may differ slightly from its landline format.

There are several resources online that can help you know how many digits the number you’re calling to should have.  A basic Google search of “how to call to (country)” should bring up all the info you need to make your phone call.

The dialing directions for your ZapTel phone card were emailed to you when you received your PIN. Every ZapTel phone card gives you detailed instructions for how to make your international phone call with your calling card.  If you’re unable to find the dialing instructions, you can find the instructions in your ZapTel account.

Log on to with your email address and password. When you’re on your dashboard, clicking on their the Rates or Access Numbers link will bring you to the card specifications page. Once there, click on the tab that says Instructions to see the dialing instructions for your phone card.

Have other phone card questions? Check out our FAQ Page for answers about your ZapTel phone card and account.



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