3 Benefits of Rechargeable Phone Cards

January 31st, 2017

“Why should I consider purchasing a rechargeable phone card over a non-rechargeable one?”

Many of you already know that phone cards are a great way to save money on international calls.  There are great benefits for purchasing a rechargeable phone card instead of one where you get a new PIN each time.  Here are just a few benefits of using a rechargeable phone card.

1) Keep the same PIN.

No need to change the PIN each time you need a card.  You keep your PIN for as long as stated in the card expiration details.  For most of ZapTel’s rechargeable phone cards, your PIN expires so many months or years after your PIN’s last use.  This means that every time you use your phone card, the expiration date pushes out in the amount stated.  For example, if the card expires one year from the last use, each time you use your card, it will push out the expiration date one year.

2) Same card + Same PIN = Same access number
No need to remember multiple access numbers.  Program it in your phone’s auto dial or dial it by heart each and every time.  Many ZapTel phone cards also have PINzap Pinless Dialing where you can program your phone card to recognize your phone number and you don’t need to enter your PIN.

3) Add money to your PIN any time you’d like.
Use more of the balance on your phone card when you add to it.  If you have a few dollars left on your card, recharge it anywhere from $20 to $100 any time online.

Do a rate search today and check out all of ZapTel’s rechargeable phone cards.




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