Phone cards continue to have a place to make all types of phone calls

July 11th, 2014

“Do people still use phone cards?”

With the increase of mobile phone usage, this is a question we hear from people quite often.  But there’s something simply wonderful about phone cards: they’re simple to use and the savings they can have, especially with international calling, are wonderful.  So yes, people still use phone cards and, in almost every case, they’re saving money while they’re at it.

The International Caller

Phone cards are a flexible way for people to make international phone calls.  They can be used from both landlines and mobile phones with the same great rate per minute.  Remember the rule of thumb: frequent, long talkers may benefit more from cards with fees while infrequent or short talkers may do better with a flat rate phone card.  Read up on how to do phone card math to help pick the best phone card for your calling needs.

The Domestic Caller

You may find this difficult to believe but not everyone has a cell phone.  While 90% of adults have mobile phones and half the households in American don’t have a landline, there is a large number of the population that still makes phone calls from their house.  Phone cards give people the flexibility to make long distance phone calls from their home without being tied into a long distance calling plan.  A flat rate, no fee card may be the best for this particular caller because the card will be available whenever they need it even if their calls are infrequent.

The International Traveler

If you’re planning to travel abroad and want to make phone calls while away, you have a few calling options to choose from.  Phone cards are one of those choices.  Global plans are available from mobile providers but they can be expensive.  Depending on your calling need, a phone card can be your next best choice.  Check out the answers to our global caller frequently asked questions to see if a phone card is right for you on your next international excursion.

If this is the first you’ve thought about using a phone card, read our first time buyer’s guide to see if a phone card is right for you.

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