How to compare one phone card to another

July 8th, 2012

“What is the best way to compare phone cards to figure out which I should buy?”

Phone cards are one of the easiest ways to make affordable phone calls all over the world, but we talk to customers all the time who are overwhelmed by the amount of information to check when comparing different products.  Here’s a simple checklist to run through when comparing one phone card to another.

Define your phone card need

Are you planning to call 2 or more times per week?  Do you need a phone card only for emergencies?  Understanding your need will help you reduce the number of phone cards you’re reviewing.  Remember - 1 or less times per week, short phone calls or for emergencies only - choose a flat rate card; 2 or more times per week for 30+ minutes per call, look at the cards with additional fees (you may get more minutes out of them).

Compare the fees

Before choosing a card based solely off of rates, check out what fees a phone card will impose for usage.  Some may have no fees while others may have a surcharge per call, a connection fee and a weekly or monthly service fee.  Take a look at what fees are involved so you can take that into consideration when reviewing the rates.

Compare the rates and do the math

A low rate doesn’t always mean the best value.  Look at the rates to the country you’ll be calling to in correlation with the fees for the phone card.  Then, do the math to see which card would best optimize your money.  Check out our How to Do Phone Card Math page.

Review the available features

Some phone cards have snazzy features like PINzap Pinless Dialing as well as online call detail records.  Others may not.  If you need pinless dialing, speed dial, online call detail record access, rechargeability, or other helpful time saving features, make sure to check these out as well.

Make your choice

After all this, you should have a clear cut solution to your phone card need.  If you have more than one, my best recommendation is to buy one of each at a low denomination and test them.  Whichever one works better, go with that one in the future.  If you have a one time need and would like help narrowing the playing field, shoot us an email at with details about your phone card needs and we can try and help you make a decision.

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