Calling technical support for phone card issues

February 19th, 2012

“Who do I contact if I have trouble with my phone card?”

I never like to hear that any customer has had trouble with their phone card.  If it does come up, though, we know who you need to contact to make sure the issue is resolved quickly and you can get back to making your phone calls.

Every phone card in the ZapTel store has a Technical Support phone number listed for it.  In most cases, this number is not ZapTel, it is the carrier providing service for the phone card.  Click here to see a list of every phone card’s Technical Support.

The carriers’ Technical Support Department can pull up the details about your phone card so they can identify the issue you’re having and work to resolve it.  If you call into ZapTel’s Customer Service Department, our first question is going to be “have you contacted the carrier’s Technical Support?”  We ask this because the carrier may be able to see information about your card that we cannot.

If you’re experiencing call quality or non-connecting call issues, the carriers can generally fix this very quickly.  In most cases, a route change is all that’s needed to get your card functioning again.

Here is some information you will need to have available before you contact the carrier:

-  Your PIN

-  The access number you’re dialing (some phone cards have more than one access number so having the one you’re using is important)

-  The phone number you’re calling from and where that phone number is located.

-  The phone number you’re calling to and where that phone number is located.

-  A detailed description of the issue you’re encountering.

This information will help the carrier better identify where you’re having the issue so they can efficiently resolve the problem.

What the carriers’ Technical Support cannot assist you with is recharging your phone card.  If you need assistance with recharging your phone card, please contact us at  Also, if you contact the carrier’s Technical Support and do not feel that you’ve been helped to your satisfaction, please let us know.  We’d like to have the opportunity to try and work on your behalf to resolve the issue.

So if we’re willing to help  you with your issue, why should you call Technical Support first?  In about 80-90% of cases, the carriers can resolve the issue much faster than it would take for us to contact them.  We want to make sure you have the quickest resolution possible.  But if you’ve tried the carrier’s Technical Support and didn’t receive a good resolution, we want to work with you on either fixing the issue or finding a different phone card solution through a different provider.

For more information, check out ZapTel’s Frequently Asked Questions.

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