Checking the number of minutes you’ll get with your phone card

January 10th, 2012

“How can I check to see how many minutes I’ll get with my phone card?”

Every day, we come across new customers who see the array of phone card choices and don’t know which way to go.  Phone card math is something each of ZapTel’s Customer Service Representatives is fully versed in and this knowledge can help you better understand how your phone card bills and which card will be right for you.

The flat-rate, no fee phone cards are the easiest when doing math.  All you have to do is take the denomination of the phone card and divide it by the rate per minute and you’ll get the total number of minutes you’ll have for talking.

Where it gets more complicated is when you’re looking at a phone card with additional fees.

Just like when you had to solve math problems in school, you first have to have all the facts.  Find the answers to these questions first before moving forward:

1)  Where are you calling from and to?

2)  What kind of phone are you calling to? Landline or Mobile Phone?

3)  What is the listed rate per minute for the phone card you’re looking to purchase? (Be sure to look at the difference between landlines and mobile rates as the mobile rate is likely to be higher.)

4)  How long do you estimate each of your phone calls will be?

5)  What are the billing increments for the phone card you’re looking to purchase?

6)  What are the associated fees with the phone card you’re looking to purchase?

-  Connection Fee

-  Surcharge Per Call

-  Service Fee (usually weekly or monthly)

After you have these answers, start doing the math:

1.  Calculate the cost of the minutes you plan to use. Make sure to round the number of minutes to the billing increment indicated on the phone card you’re looking to purchase.

Cost of Minutes = Estimated Number of Minutes per Call x Rate per Minute

2.  Add connection fees to calculate call cost.

Call Cost = Cost of Minutes + Connection Fees

3.  Calculate the total surcharge for the card.

Total Surcharge = % Surcharge per Call x Call Cost

4.  Add in the surcharge per call to calculate the total call cost.

Total Call Cost = Total Surcharge + Call Cost

If you plan to call more than once per week, you would multiply the total call cost by the number of times per week you plan to call.  For cards with service fees, you would have to understand how much would be deducted either weekly or monthly from your phone card for this fee.

For more information on phone card math and an example of how to do it, check out our How to do Phone Card Math page.

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