Using Phone Cards for In State Calling

July 3rd, 2011

“Why does it cost more to make calls within my own state with my phone card?”

In 2007, the FCC mandated that phone card carriers need to pay a surcharge for calls that are made within the state that the call is originated.  Because of this, the rate per minute to make a call with a phone card within one’s state is higher than making phone calls outside of the state.

Extreme Talk Time USA - 1.9¢ per minute state-to-state; 4.9¢ per minute for intrastate calls.

Extreme Talk Time USA - 1.9¢ per minute state-to-state; 4.9¢ per minute for intrastate calls.

Many people still use phone cards in place of long distance phone service, even for instate long distance calls.  The best way to offset these intrastate charges is to make sure that you have the best phone card for your calling needs.

If you talk 2 or more times per week for 20 or minutes per call, then a card with additional fees may give you more minutes.

If you talk less than 2 times per week or make frequent, short phone calls, then a flat-rate card is the way to go.

To check out what the additional fees are for in state calling for your phone card, read the About This Card tab on the card specifications page. 

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