What to Know Before Using a Phone Card from a Mobile Phone

June 20th, 2011

“Is there anything special I should know about using a phone card from a mobile phone?”

The best piece of advice I can give you about using a phone card from a mobile phone is to not press send again afte you dial the access number for your phone card.  Doing so can disconnect your phone card and can, if you don’t have it disabled, place your international call directly from your mobile provider.

You may be saying “wait - what?”  but this is something that we hear happens quite often.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re calling your Zia Rosa in Italy.  You have her phone number stored in your mobile phone, so you dial your phone card access number, enter your PIN, look up her number in your mobile phone and press send to dial the number.  This will work, right?


By pressing send that second time, you’ve just disconnected from your phone card and you’ve place the call directly through  your mobile provider.  What will result is a call logged on your phone card call detail record for maybe 1 minute to no destination number as well as a large phone bill sent to you by your mobile phone provider for having placed the call.

This is not a call that ZapTel can refund you for.  It wasn’t caused by anything faulty with the phone card.  It was, instead, a user error, and in some cases, a very costly one.

To have this not happen to you, there are a couple things you can do.

You can make sure you don’t press send a second time after you’ve dialed the access number.  To help you even more with this, many ZapTel phone cards have Speed Dial available so you can add Zia Rosa’s phone number to your phone card and dial it directly from there.  This will help you to not have to dial so many numbers when using the phone card.

Another solution is to contact your mobile provider and disconnect international calling from your mobile plan.  This way, your mobile phone won’t have a way to directly call outside the USA by mistake.  You can still make your calls with your mobile phone and your phone card since you dial into an access number before placing your international call.

Learn more by reading our Phone Cards & Mobile Phones page.


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