Buying Phone Cards for Deployed Soldiers

May 30th, 2011

I recent article I read about making care packages for deployed soldiers made the suggestion of including a phone card.  “That’s great!” I thought, but then I realized that the article didn’t mention that not just any phone card will work for the soldiers.  I thought it would be a good idea to address this to make sure that customers purchased the right phone card so the service men and women they’re supporting are able to call home with no trouble.

AT&T Prepaid Phone CardAT&T has phone banks available for soldiers to use when calling home.  The only phone cards that will work from these banks that are sold in the ZapTel store are the AT&T Prepaid Phone Card.

We carry this card in two denominations: 

  • $6.25 - Will give soldiers 125 minutes.
  • $59.99 - Will give soldiers 1200 minutes

Many customers we’ve helped who have put together care packages have purchased the $6.25 denomination.

You can purchase the phone card from the ZapTel site and use our Print-n-Go feature to print out the card and pack it in your care package.

If you have an organization that is packing up care packages and you’d like physical phone cards instead, we can make them available in bulk quantities.  Just fill out our Bulk Order Form online to place your order.

Check out more info about the AT&T Prepaid Phone Card.

Phone Card Coupon for Week of May 30th

Through June 5th, take 5% off the purchase of an AT&T Prepaid Phone Card from ZapTel. Use the following code to receive the discount:


Enter the coupon code on the Review Your Order page, and be sure to click the “Add Coupon Code” button on the page to apply the discount. Offer expires at Midnight Central Time on June 5, 2011.

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