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How to Dial Less Numbers when Using Your Phone Card

September 26th, 2010

“I like using my ZapTel phone card but don’t like have to dial a bunch of numbers.  How can I make it easier to use my phone card?”

Many ZapTel phone cards have PINzap™ Pinlss Dialing and Speed Dial available which will make using your phone card and calling international phone numbers quicker.  It’s one of the ways we put the ZAP in ZapTel.


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GoogleTalk, Skype and Phone cards

September 7th, 2010

You might think no one uses phone cards anymore with all the talk of the online services.  I thought you’d find it interesting to know that at ZapTel we are processing as many minutes of calling this year as we did last year.  We process hundreds of new phone card sales and recharges every day. 

While there is certainly a place for using your computer to place and receive calls, and it can be free, the international phone card calling services have proven to have staying power for several reasons.

1.  Make and receive calls from any phone, anywhere, anytime.

2.  Neither caller has to have access to a broadband connection or a computer to be part of the call.

3.  The call quality is consistently better due to use of both traditional telcom routing as well as voip routes where they meet quality standards.

4.  Convenience of pin-free dialing and speed dial means calling anywhere in the world with just a few key presses on the portable phone while sitting on the couch.

5.  For some, the call detail records available at ZapTel are important for record keeping.

6.  If a particular route quality goes bad due to a technical issue in the phone lines, ZapTel will work with the carrier to reroute the calls and fix the call quality to that destination for our customers. 

So use Googletalk or Skype for casual conversations, but for important calling or long talks, choose ZapTel.  That is what our customers tell us.

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