Using ZapTel Phone Cards from Any Place, Any Time, from Any Phone

June 28th, 2010

“From what types of phones can I use my phone card?”

Many of ZapTel’s phone cards can be used from a variety of phone types: landlines, mobile and cellular phones, computers, and pay phones.  Check out these different options to see which one works best for you.

Calling from Landlines

All of ZapTel’s phone cards can be used for calling from U.S. based landlines.  All cards come with toll free access numbers while a few also have local access numbers available to save you more money per minute.  These local access numbers are not toll free, but if you have a home calling plan that has unlimited local minutes, then using the local access number may be a good choice for you.

Click here to find the best rates for your calling destination.

Calling from Outside the USA

Not all of ZapTel’s phone cards can be used for calling from outside the USA back in.  ZapTel carries 6 global phone cards that can be used from countries all over the world: Absolute Global, Absolute World, Global Caller, Global Line, Study Abroad Student’s Choice, and True North.

Before purchasing a phone card to use from outside the USA, please read our Travel Phone Card FAQ Page for important information about the best ways to use these phone cards.

Calling from Mobile and Cellular Phones

All of ZapTel’s phone cards can be used from mobile phones.  Please note that while your international charge will come off of the balance of your phone card, your mobile phone minutes will be reduced.  Also, if you’re planning to take your mobile phone outside the country where your service is established, you will need to first contact your provider to make sure that they will provide service to the country you’re traveling to and that they do not charge you roaming fees.

Please read our Phone Card & Mobile Phone Primer for more information about best phone card practices when used from mobile and cellular phones.

Calling from Pay Phones

All ZapTel phone cards can be used from pay phones in the USA.  Please note that there is a pay phone surcharge per call that will come off of the balance of the phone card.  This surcharge is FCC mandated to make sure that the provider of the pay phone receives payment for their equipment to be used to place your call.

Outside of the USA, global phone cards may be blocked from pay phones.  Most countries don’t regulate phone card usage from pay phones, so pay phone carriers are permitted to either allow or block phone cards from being used, or they may impose a surcharge per call or per minute.  It is difficult to know which carriers follow which practices in which countries.  When we receive feedback, we note it with the phone card access numbers, so please read all the notes about where you’ll be calling from before purchasing.

Calling from Computers

ZapTel carries 7 phone cards that can be used to make calls from your computer: Call the World, Destination Cell, Extreme Talk Time USA, Flying Colors!, International Student’s Choice, Precision World, and Wireless World.

Please read our Internet Dialing Page for information on how to use these cards from your computer.

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