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Phone card tips for first time users

February 14th, 2010

“I’ve never used a phone card.  What do I need to know before I select a calling card?”

I spoke with a customer this weekend who was a first time phone card and international caller.  It reminded me that while our knowledge revolves around phone cards, many are still unsure about how to pick the best one for their calling needs.  Before you buy a card you should define your calling need so you can make the best calling card purchase for your money.


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How to promote phone cards on your blog and earn money

February 7th, 2010

“Can I promote ZapTel’s phone cards on my blog?”

There are many sites and bloggers who link to ZapTel to offer their visitors a recommended choice for their phone card needs. ZapTel has an affiliate program where you can link to ZapTel and earn a commission.


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