Making sure you receive the phone card emails you want from ZapTel

January 3rd, 2010

“Will I receive an e-mail confirming my purchase if I’ve opted out of getting e-mails from ZapTel?”

Regardless of whether you’ve opted in or out of receiving e-mails from ZapTel, you’ll always receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.  However, you can choose whether or not you want to receive e-mails from ZapTel about product updates and sales.

When you created your ZapTel account, you were asked whether or not you want to receive e-mails from ZapTel.  If you unchecked the box next to this statement, then you are not on our mailing list.  If you checked this box, then you should be on our mailing list.

We’ve had many customers in the past ask us why they didn’t receive our sale e-mails.  When we review their accounts, we’ve found that they opted out of receiving our notifications and didn’t know this.  To help our customers better manage this, we put an alert in all accounts that have opted out so if you want to be added back to our mailing list, you can be.

If you’re currently receiving e-mails from us about our sales and wish to be taken off the list, all you have to do is log into your ZapTel account, click on the tab that says “Your Billing Address” and uncheck the box that tells us you’d like to receive our mailings.

I would love for all of our customers to receive our promotional e-mails and product updates.  Customers who are opted-in to receive our e-mails are only contacted when we have important store or product updates and sales as to not bombard everyone’s inbox.

If you have a question about the opt-in status of your account, please e-mail us at

Calling Card Coupon for Week of January 4th

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Enter the coupon code on the Review Your Order page, and be sure to click the “Add Coupon Code” button on the page to apply the discount. Offer expires at Midnight Central Time on January 10, 2010.

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