Travel Phone Cards and Local Access Numbers

April 26th, 2009

“Should I use a toll free or local  access number with my phone card  when I travel?”

We always recommend that no matter where you’re going that you take the toll free access number for your global phone card.  You can also take the local access numbers as well since these are helpful as well in different circumstances.

As always when you travel and plan on calling from a hotel, we recommend that you contact the hotel and ask them a few questions about using phone cards from their phones:

  1. Will they allow phone cards to be used from their hotel phones?  Some hotels will block phone cards from being used from their phones.  It’s best to ask first if you plan on using your card from a hotel phone.
  2. If they allow phone cards to be used from their phones, ask if it best to use a toll free access number or local access number.   If they say that they’ll only allow local access numbers, you can tell them the access number of your card, and they can  tell you whether or not they consider that number local.
  3. Is there a fee that will be charged to your room for even picking up the phone?  Some hotels will charge a usage fee for using their phones.  This fee usually appears on your bill at checkout.  The last thing we want is for you to be surprised when you checkout.  ZapTel has no control over the hotels’ policies when it comes to this.

Some pay phones may also only allow local access numbers instead of toll free access numbers.  When using local access numbers, though, there may be a coin deposit you’ll need to put in the phone before the call can be connected.  Also, please be aware that some pay phones may impose a high surcharge either per call or per minute that will come off t he balance of your phone card.  Again, ZapTel has no control over the policies of the pay phone carriers.  Our job is to put the information out there so you as a consumer are as informed as possible when making your phone card purchase.

ZapTel carries two phone cards that have local access numbers globally: True North and  Study Abroad Student’s Choice.

As always, I recommend anyone traveling with a phone card reads our Travel Card FAQ page.  There’s a lot of information on this page that you’ll find helpful to know before your purchase so you know you’re buying the right phone card for your calling needs.

Also, don’t forget that if you’re traveling with your laptop, you can always purchase a ZapTel phone card that has internet dialing available.  The cards with this capability have great clarity and the rates are the same as if you were calling from the USA.  Click here to read more about our internet dialing cards.

Phone Card Coupon for Week of April 27, 2009

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