How to place a call from the US to Japan

October 17th, 2008

Country Code for Japan

To call from the U.S. to Japan you need to dial

011 + 81 + City Code + Number


City Codes for Major Cities in Japan

Asahikawa - 166

Kobe - 78

Sakai - 72

Fukuoka - 92

Matsudo - 47

Sapporo - 11

Hamamatsu - 53

Matsuyama - 89

Shimizu - 543

Hiroshima - 82

Nagasaki - 95

Tokyo - 3

Kanazawa - 76

Nagoya - 52

Wakayama - 73

Kawaguchi - 48

Okayama - 86

Yokohama - 45

Kawasaki - 44

Osaka - 6

Yokosuka - 46


Time Zone

Japan is 13 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern time zone.


Click here to see rates for calling from the U.S. to Japan.

Click here to see rates for making phone calls from Japan to the U.S.


Tips for calling to Japan

  • When dialing to a number in Japan, you do not need to dial a 0 between the country code and the city code. For example, if you need to call to Tokyo, you would dial 011 + 81 + 3 + Phone Number.


  • When dialing to a mobile phone in Japan, the city code will begin with a 80 or 90 followed by the 8-digit number. The total number of digits of a mobile phone number in Japan including the country code is 12 digits.


Feedback from Customers Calling to Japan

Here are a couple tips from ZapTel’s Customer Service about calling to Japan:

There are two phone cards customers calling to Japan seem to like best: Extreme Talk Time International and True North.

The Extreme Talk Time International is a great card for customers calling 2 or more times per week for 30 or more minutes at a time.  Rates are very low, but there are some additional fees.  Even with these fees, though, you’re likely to get more minutes out of this card than you would with a flat rate card if you’re a long-talker.

If you’re a short or infrequent talker, then the True North is your best choice.  Flat rate per minute with no other fees and additional features that make using your phone card quick and easy.

Click here to check the latest rates for calling to Japan.

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