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October 13th, 2008

"Does ZapTel offer phone cards for businesses?"

ZapTel has a phone card solution for almost any business need.  Here are some examples of business customers I’ve worked with and how phone cards have helped them with their employee calling needs.


Sending employees overseas with a phone card

I have helped a company purchase phone cards for employees going to Europe for training sessions.  While there, the company provides their workers with a phone card so they can call home while they’re away. This company likes using the True North phone card.  While their employees are in Europe, they can monitor everyone’s phone card usage through their online account and add funds when needed.

Before sending your employees with a phone card to use from a hotel, it is best to contact the hotel first and ask a couple questions:

1) Can phone cards be used from the hotel phones? Some hotels will block phone cards from being used so it’s best to ask first.

2) Can a toll free number be dialed from the hotel phones? Some hotels may block toll free access numbers but local access numbers may be allowed. The True North and Study Abroad Student’s Choice cards both have local access numbers available. If you plan to use a local access number from a hotel, please be sure that the hotel considers the access number local before dialing. You don’t want room charges for having to dial the access number for your phone card.

3) Does the hotel charge a fee for using the phone regardless of whether or not you’re using a phone card? This may seem silly, but we’ve had customers report that some hotels charge a fee just for using their phones. This ends up on your bill at checkout. ZapTel is not responsible for any charges that the hotel chooses to charge your room because of its policies.

I’ve also assisted another company where phone cards were blocked from being used where they were sending people.  In this case, their employees had their laptops with them.  The customer instead chose the Flying Colors phone card which allowed their employees to call back to the US from their computers using Internet Dialing.  All they needed to do was provide their employees with USB headsets with a microphone and they were able to call back from Africa to the US for just 4¢ per minute. 

Click here to learn more about Internet Dialing with ZapTel.


Virtual companies and work at home employees

Many virtual companies and other companies that have employees working from home enjoy the flexibility of phone cards since there is no landline service that needs to be set up to make phone calls.  A couple companies I’ve helped like the Call the World and the International Student’s Choice for their employees.  They prefer these cards because they are rechargeable, have online call detail records, and PINzap Pinless Dialing.  This allows the manager to monitor usage and add funds when needed.  Employees like the PINzap Pinless Dialing because all they have to do is dial the access number from the phone number associated with their card and make calls.


Employees needing to call international clients and offices

Many companies find it more cost effective to have their employees use a phone card for their international cards instead of adding an international dialing plan to their phone service.  Workers can affordably make phone calls from any phone (both landline and mobile) with their phone cards.  Companies I’ve worked with have purchased the True North and Call the World phone cards for their employees to use.


If you’d like more information or personal assistance with choosing a phone card for your business need, send us an e-mail at


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