PHONE CARD DOCTOR: Making sure your phone card recharge posts to your current PIN and not a new calling card

October 6th, 2008

"When I dial the access number, it doesn’t ask for my PIN and tells me that I have a balance different than what I purchased.  Why is this happening?"

I have come across a couple different situations where customers have experienced this problem.  The quick answer is that the phone number you’re calling from is associated with a different phone card PIN through PINzap™ Pinless Dialing. 

If you’ve purchased a phone card in the past and have used PINless dialing, you can remove your phone number from one PIN and place it on the new PIN.  Here’s how to  move your  PINzap™ from one PIN to another:

1) Log on to with your e-mail address and password.

2) Click on PINzap™ Pinless Dialing link under PIN Options next to the PIN that your phone number is currently associated with.

3) Click the red X next to the phone number you’d like to remove.

4) Click on the tab that says Your ZapTel Dashboard.

5) Click on PINzap™ Pinless Dialing link under PIN Options next to the PIN that you’d like your phone number linked to.

6) Click on the link that says "Click to register a new phone number."

7) Enter your phone number and a label to identify the number. Press Add.


Now that’s the answer, but there are a few different situations that could cause this problem:

You’ve purchased a new PIN instead of recharging your previous PIN.  This will happen if you do not click on the Recharge link next to your PIN and instead go directly to that card’s specifications pages or purchase through our rate search. 

There is one key recommendation I can make to avoid this.  Recharge denominations are available for various amounts between $20 and $100 (a few cards have recharge amounts available in $5, $10, and $15 amounts, but not all cards can be recharged for these lower amounts).  Our phone card PINs are not available in this variety of denominations.  If you do not see a range of denominations going up to $100, then you are not in the right place to do a recharge and you’ll get a new PIN if you continue. 

If this is where you are, it’s best to start over again.  Go back to your account dashboard and click on the Recharge link under PIN Options.  Next, choose the denomination you’d like to refill your card with.  If you continue to have issues with this, please contact ZapTel’s customer service at

Another customer who previously had your phone number has it linked to their ZapTel PIN.  This is a situation that mostly comes up with students either in dorms or staying with host families.  If you do not have another PIN with ZapTel and you’re not hearing the proper balance, please send us an e-mail at  One of our representatives will look into the issue for you.


You’ve purchased a ZapTel PIN previously but through a different account.  This sometimes happens if you’ve opened a new account because you were not able to access your first one or if someone else had purchased a PIN for you and listed it with PINzap™.  Again, send us an e-mail at and we can help you with this.


You’ve used a phone card from another store that uses the same carrier.  If this situation occurs, we may need your assistance with resolving the issue.  Please contact us at .  We will need to contact the carrier so they can advise us of the next steps both you and we need to complete.


If you’re finding that your situation doesn’t fit into one of these, please send us an e-mail at  We will look at what’s going on and fix it for you.


ZapTel carries 21 phone cards with PINzap™ Pinless Dialing available:


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