How to obtain phone card records for United States fiancee visas

September 29th, 2008

"My fiancée lives in another country and I need my call detail records for her visa.  What phone card is best for me to buy?"

Almost weekly, we have a customer ask for call records to help them obtain a visa for their fiancée.  Customers have told us that their fiancée’s visa application requires them to show proof of their relationship.  Obtaining your call detail records can be an important part of this.  ZapTel carries a number of products where you can obtain records.

Here’s what to do to find your card detail records if your calling card has this feature available:

1) Log on to with your e-mail address and password.

2) Next to each PIN there is a grey box that says PIN Options.

3) Under PIN Options, click on the link that says Call Detail Records.

4) This will bring you to your call detail records. You can display up to 60 days worth of calls at a time. Call records go back no further than 6 months (or 180 days).


Here are a few guidelines I give people to use when they need to have call records for their fiancée visas:

1) Regularly check to make sure that the calls you’ve made are being logged on your call records.

2) Print out your call records monthly so you can have a complete log of your calls. After 6 months, the carriers’ systems purge old records from their systems and they are not able to retrieve them.

3) Make a second copy of your call records for your personal records. Just like with tax returns and other important documents, keep a second copy just in case something happens to the first copy.


Now with this said, I had a situation come up this week where a customer used a calling card that does not have online call detail records, and we were not able to obtain them for him.  Some carriers do not give us access to call detail records due to privacy practices that they uphold.  If you’ve been using a card that does not have call detail records available and you know that you’ll need these records in the future, I recommend that you purchase and use one of the phone cards listed below.


Here is a list of ZapTel phone cards that have online call detail records to help you collect the information you need to help with a US fiancée visa:


To learn more about U.S. visa policy, applications and processes, please visit the government’s website at


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