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September 22nd, 2008

"I’ve never used a phone card.  What are the steps to use a phone card?"

Phone cards are easy to use from any phone at any time.  While rates and fees may vary from one provider to another, the basics on how to use a phone card remain consistent.

Here are the three basic steps of how to us a phone card:

1.     Dial the access number for your phone card.  In most cases, this is a toll free number (1-800, 1-888, 1-877, or 1-866).  However, some phone cards have local access numbers like ZapTel’s True North, Study Abroad Student’s Choice, Oceans International and Extreme Talk Time International.  The local access numbers available for this card are not toll free.  If you have unlimited local calling on your phone and if there is an access number that is considered local to your service, then you can use this number instead of the toll free number and your call will be charged at the lower local access rate.

2.     At the prompt, enter your phone card PIN.  The prompts for the phone cards ZapTel carries usually say "please enter your PIN" (PIN stands for Personal Identification Number) or "please enter your authorization code now."  Whichever prompt you receive, enter in the PIN that you purchased with your phone card.  After you enter the PIN, you should be told your monetary balance available. 

3. At the next prompt, enter the number you’d like to call. This prompt comes immediately after you hear the available balance on your phone card. To dial a number outside the US, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number. To dial a number inside the US, Canada and some Caribbean countries, dial 1 + Area Code + Number.

The only ZapTel product that is an exception to this step is the Absolute World calling card.  Because this phone card’s carrier is in Ireland, you must dial the phone number as if you were in Ireland.  So to call the US with an Absolute World card, you would dial 00 + 1 + Area Code + Number.  To call other countries with this card, you would dial 00 + Country Code + City Code + Number. 

Some phone cards may ask you in their instructions to press the pound (#) key after you dial the number you’d like to call.  This allows the carrier’s network to know that you have finished dialing the number and will route your call.  Before your call is connected, you should hear a message that tells you how many minutes you have available for your phone call.

Click here to see a list of country codes worldwide.

In just a few steps you have a way to stay connected with friends and family worldwide without spending a fortune.   Click here to start your money saving phone card search.


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