How to place a call from the US to India

August 22nd, 2008

Country Code for India

To call from the U.S. to India you need to dial

011 + 91 + City Code + Number


City Codes for Major Cities in India 

Ahmadabad - 79

Bhopal - 757

Hyderabad - 40

Meerut - 121

Rajkot - 281

Allahabad - 532

Bombay - 22

Indore - 731

Nagpur - 712

Surat - 261

Amritsar - 183

Calcutta - 33

Jaipur - 141

Nasik - 253

Vadodara - 265

Asansol - 341

Chandigarh - 172

Jullundur - 181

New Delhi - 11

Varanasi - 542

Bangalore - 80

Delhi - 11

Kanpur - 512

Patna - 612

Vijayawada - 866

Baroda - 265

Faizabad - 5272

Madras - 44

Pune - 212

Vishakhapatnam - 891




Best Selling ZapTel Phone Card for Calling to India – Updated 12.5.08 


TalkHome India Card from ZapTel

4.6¢ per minute to India (landline)

36¢ per minute to India (mobile)

If low rates from the USA to India is all you want, this ZapTel TalkHome India card is all you need.

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Time Zone

India is 10.5 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard time zone (9.5 hours ahead during Daylight Savings Time).


Click here to see rates for calling from the U.S. to India.

Click here to see rates for making phone calls from India to the U.S.


Tips for Calling to India

  • Mobile phone city codes or area codes begin with a 9 followed by a 2-digit zone code, then the remainder of the phone number which is usually 6-digits long.
  • When dialing to a landline in India, you do not need to dial a 0 between the country code and the city code. For example, if you need to call to New Delhi, you would dial 011 + 91 + 11 + Phone Number.
  • India’s city codes are 2 to 4 digits in length, and phone numbers are 6 to 8 digits in length. The total length of the city code plus the phone numbers is 10 digits.


Feedback from Customers Calling to India

Here’s my experience with customers calling to India:

I’ve spoken with many customers who like the TalkHome India card. It’s our top selling card for calling to India and seems to be very well liked.  It is 6.25¢ per minute to a landline or mobile phone in India.  The customers in particular who have liked the TalkHome India phone card are those who like to use the entire balance within one or two phone calls.  Less all the fees, customers get well over 2 hours of talk time with a $10 card.  Some customers will purchase two at a time to avoid the $2 processing fee for small orders.  I’ve also helped many customers who like to purchase this card in bulk for friends, co-workers, and family members. 

Other customers who want to keep the same PIN by recharging their card seem to like the Asia’s Best for calling to India.  It is 5.5¢ per minute with a 17% surcharge per call and $0.99 weekly service fee.  One customer I’ve helped calls to India every day and talks for about an hour per day.  They still have time left over on their card every week and appreciate that they can add on to the balance as needed.

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