Using a phone card to call to China – International calling card details

August 15th, 2008

How to place a call from the US to China


Country Code for China

To call from the U.S. to China you need to dial

011 + 86 + City Code + Number


City Codes for Major Chinese Cities

Beijing - 10 Guiyang - 851  Kunming - 871  Qingdao - 532 
Chengdu - 28 Haikou - 898  Lanzhou - 931  Shanghai - 21
Chongqing - 23 Hangzhou - 571  Lhasa - 891  Shenzhen - 755
Dunhuang - 937  Hohhot - 471  Lijiang - 888  Suzhou - 512 
Guangzhou - 20  Huangshan - 559  Luoyang - 379  Urumqi - 991 
Guilin - 773 Jinan - 531  Nanjing - 25   Xian - 29


Time Zone

China is 12 hours ahead of US Eastern time zone. The entire country is in the same time zone.

Click here to see rates for calling from the U.S. to China.

Click here to see rates for making phone calls from China to the U.S.


Tips for calling to and from China

  • When dialing to a mobile phone in China, all you have to dial is 011 + 86 + Mobile Phone Number .
  • When dialing to a landline in China, you do not need to dial a 0 between the country code and the city code. For example, if you need to call to Shanghai, you would dial 011 + 86 + 21 + Phone Number.
  • Many customers have reported to us that when using a phone card from China, some mobile providers and hotels block phone cards from being used. If you’re traveling to China and plan to use a phone card from either a mobile or hotel phone, please check with them first to make sure the card can be used.
  • Some phone cards that are useable from China have access numbers that are different between Northern and Southern China. Double check the region you’ll be calling from to make sure you have the correct access numbers for your phone card.


Feedback from Customers Calling to China

Here’s a comment from Mike in ZapTel’s Customer Service:

I talked with a customer who loves the Extreme Talk Time International phone card because the rate is so low.  Even with all the call cost fees included, she can talk for an hour for only $1.06. This includes the connection fee and surcharge, but not the monthly service fee which is only $0.59 per month.




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