PHONE CARD DOCTOR: Resolving invalid PIN issues with your calling card

August 4th, 2008

"I tried to use my PIN, but I get a recording saying that it’s invalid.  What could be wrong?"

We occasionally come across a customer who is getting a message that their PIN is invalid.  There could be a number of simple errors that could be causing this, many of which I have made as well with my own phone cards. 

If you’re experiencing this issue or if you have in the past, here are some reasons why you may be getting this message with your phone card.


Double check that you’re dialing the correct PIN

Most of the phone card PINs we sell are 10 digits in length.  There are a few others that are a little longer.  It’s easy to transpose number or not realize that you don’t have the complete number.  You can log on to your ZapTel account online 24-hours a day to look up your phone card details to make sure you have the correct number.

Make sure you’re dialing the correct access number

Some customers don’t realize that different ZapTel phone cards have different access numbers.  If you’ve used one phone card in the past and now you have purchased a different one, make sure you have the updated access number to go with your new PIN.

Check to make sure that you’re following all the dialing instructions

Some phone cards have an extra step in their dialing instructions that could be causing an invalid PIN response.  For instance, the Absolute Global card has a world service code that needs to be dialed before you enter your PIN.  If you don’t enter this code in or if you enter the wrong code, then you may hear the "we’re sorry - your PIN is invalid" message.  For the Absolute Global, there are two possible world service codes: 68 (the most common one needed) and 75.


If you’ve checked through all of these and you’re still getting an invalid PIN message, contact ZapTel’s Customer Service at  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Look for more Phone Card Doctor postings in the future.  I will feature some common calling card usage errors that we hear about in Customer Service. 


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