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Trust in an honest phone card company that works for you

July 28th, 2008

"Why should I trust ZapTel and purchase here over any other phone card company?"

I could give you dozens of reasons why you should place your purchase with ZapTel over any other phone card company on the web, but the best reason is this: we’re as honest of a company as you will find.


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How to keep international calls off your mobile phone bill

July 21st, 2008

"How can I avoid charges on my mobile phone when using pinless dialing on my phone card?"

Using a phone card is a great way to make affordable calls from your mobile phone to international numbers.  PINzap™ Pinless Dialing makes using your phone card even easier from your cell phone.


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Using phone cards to keep in touch with study abroad students

July 14th, 2008

"How can I keep phone calls with my study abroad student affordable?"

While e-mails are nice to receive when someone is away, there’s nothing like hearing your loved one’s voice over the phone, especially if you’re the parent of a student studying abroad.  Phone cards are a great way for parents as well as students keep in touch during this special time.


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Tips for using your phone card from internet and VoIP phones

July 7th, 2008

How can I keep my ZapTel phone cards organized?

Some customers have only one or two phone cards in their dashboard to keep track of. But others like me have many cards which can sometimes be difficult to keep track of which PIN belongs to which person. I have phone cards that I maintain for myself, my parents, my aunt, other family members, work, etc. My ZapTel dashboard helps me keep track of these so I always know when I log into my account, I can find what I need (i.e. balances, call details, recharges, etc.).


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