Finding the best calling card for long talking

June 2nd, 2008

I call internationally frequently throughout the week for long periods of time. What cards does ZapTel carry that are best for my needs?

For this particular calling need, I would recommend a phone card with additional surcharges and service fees because it may actually give you more time than a flat rate phone card. Here are some pros and cons of buying a card with additional fees vs. a flat rate card.

Cards with Additional Fees

Pros: You usually receive a lower rate per minute.

Cons: The additional fees will lower your available balance, which will reduce the number of minutes you receive.

Best Use: If you make frequent, long phone calls (30+ minutes in length), you may benefit better from a card with additional fees.

Flat Rate Cards

Pros: No additional fees so billing is clean and easy to keep track of.

Cons: You may be paying a higher rate per minute.

Best Use: If you make less frequent, shorter phone calls (less than 30 minutes in length), you may benefit better from a flat rate card.

If you’d like to see what rate per minute you’re receiving with a phone card that has extra fees, you can always add in the surcharge to the rate per minute. Let’s say you choose a phone card that has a 3¢ rate per minute and a 15% surcharge per call. Here’s how to do the math to add the surcharge into the rate per minute:

$0.03 (rate per minute) x 0.15 (the surcharge per call) = $0.0045 (This is the amount you would add into the rate per minute.)

$0.03 (rate per minute) + $0.0045 (calculated surcharge per minute from above) = $0.0345 per minute.

This can be rounded to a 3.5¢ rate per minute.

Now you can better compare at least the rate per minute of the fee card with that of the flat rate card. Please remember - some of the fee cards also have service fees that may be deducted from the balance of your card either weekly or monthly. This is very difficult to add into the rate per minute since it really depends on how much you use your phone card. Again, if you use your card a lot, the service fee may be worth it. It’s the equivalent of a service fee you would see on a regular phone bill just to have the service.

ZapTel Calling Cards Available with Additional Fees

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