Extra phone card rate savings with local access numbers

May 19th, 2008

Why is it less per minute to use a phone card with a local access number than a toll free access number?

Toll free numbers may be free for us to call, but there is a cost associated with these numbers that someone has to pay. For phone cards, the carriers pay for this number, and the cost is usually included in the rate per minute.

There are so many local and mobile phone plans that now include free or unlimited local calling that some of our phone card carriers have issued local access numbers along with the toll free numbers. Customers who have unlimited local calling can call an access number that is considered local for their area, and the carrier doesn’t have to pay for the use of the toll free access number. And best yet - they pass this savings on to you!

ZapTel carries 4 phone cards that have local access numbers you can use and save per minute:

For the Extreme Talk Time International, Study Abroad Student’s Choice, and True North, you will save a penny per minute by using a local access number. With the Oceans International, you will save 1.5¢ per minute when you use the local access number.

When you do a rate search, the local access number is listed in the rate search. For example, if you do a rate search for calling from the U.S. to India, the rate per minute for the Extreme Talk Time International says 6¢ per minute w/ local access. This is the rate per minute when using the local access number. The rate per minute when using the toll free access number is 7¢.

Please note that the local access number is not toll free, but if there is one that is considered local for your calling area and you have unlimited local calling, you can call this number for free and save per minute. If there is not a local access number available for your area, then you’re still able to use the toll free access number at the toll free rate per minute, which in most cases is still very low.


Phone Card Coupon for Week of May 19th

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Enter the coupon code on the Review Your Order page, and be sure to click the "Add Coupon Code" button on the page to apply the discount. Offer expires at Midnight Central Time on May 25, 2008.

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