Don’t forget your phone card when you travel around the world

April 21st, 2008

Why should I buy a phone card to have while I travel?

Phone cards are a great way to keep in touch while you travel internationally. I’ve talked before about what to know when purchasing a phone card for traveling, but why should you choose a phone card over a cell phone rental or another way of communicating while traveling abroad?

Here are 3 reasons why I think you should pack a phone card for when you travel:

Just in case of emergency.

The last thing you want to think about when you’re traveling is if you have an emergency. Most times, you’re traveling to relax or to take care of some business, but emergencies happen when you least expect them. Having a phone card available allows you the ability to call home if something unexpected happens.


To have the flexibility to check in if you want.

I have one particular set of family members who often travel to Europe. They would much rather send me a post card instead of calling because they say it wouldn’t be a vacation otherwise. In an age where most people are virtually reachable all the time, I can understand why they feel this way. However, they never leave home without their phone card. They like knowing that if they wanted or needed to check in with things at home by phone, they can.


The freedom of not being tied down to a service plan.

Many cell phone plans commit you to paying for a global phone plan for a period of time, whether you will be gone for that entire period of not. If you rent a phone just to have and don’t use it all that much, then you’ve probably paid more than you would with a phone card. With a phone card, even if you have a balance left on the card, you can still use it to make calls when you return home. It’s like taking leftovers home when you go to a restaurant - nothing will go to waste! You have the flexibility to have as many or as few minutes to us as you’d like.


ZapTel carries 7 global phone cards for you to choose from depending on your overall calling need:

Click here to do a rate search for where you will need to call from and to while traveling.

To see the answers to some frequently asked global calling questions, click here.


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