How to send an international fax with your phone card

April 7th, 2008

Can I use my phone card to send an international fax?

I wish I could give you a better answer to this question, but I can honestly only say maybe. We’ve had customers who have been able to send faxes with their phone cards (including our CEO) and other times we’ve had customers who have had trouble doing this (including our CEO!). So it’s very hit or miss depending on the type of machine you are using to send the fax along with the type of machine that will be receiving the fax.

Phone card networks connect through a serious of tones to connect calls which is the reason why you need a touch tone phone to place phone calls. If you’ve sent a fax in the past, you know that there are tones you may hear when the fax machines are connecting and transmitting. These tones can sometimes confuse the networks and the fax may fail because of it.

The best way to initially see if the phone card may work from your fax machine is to first test the access number for the card. If you hear a prompt for a PIN, then the card should work for you to start your fax. Whether or not it will complete through once it starts to connect to the receiving machine is another story. I can’t guarantee that it will or won’t complete.


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