Use your phone card from a mobile phone and save on International calls

February 18th, 2008

"I use my mobile to make international calls - can ZapTel save me money?"

Most international calling plans on mobile phones are more costly than you may realize.  If you have an international calling plan on your mobile phone, take a look at your last bill.  Check the rate per minute you’re getting plus the fees you’re paying to have this service on your plan.

Now compare this to ZapTel’s rates and variety of cards available to fit your overall calling needs.  Typically, we see a 33% savings between mobile international plans and ZapTel’s phone cards. 

For instance, if you are spending $50 per month on international calling with your mobile provider, you might cut that to $35 by using a ZapTel phone card.  With our PINzap™ pinless dialing it is just one extra key press to save $15 per month!  You can talk longer or save that extra money for other expenses.

Remember, you still use up minutes on your mobile phone plan, but the international calls will be at low, ZapTel rates.

Also, you want to make sure that after you’ve accessed your phone card from your mobile phone that you dial the number you’re calling without using the memory in your mobile phone.  We’ve had instances in the past where customers have dialed into their card, gone to their phone book in their mobile phone, and pressed send again to dial this number.  Pressing send again will hang up with the phone card’s network, and you’ll end up placing your call directly with your mobile provider.  When this happens, you may not realize it until you get your phone bill and say ouch! 

Some customers find it helpful to disable international calling with their mobile provider so they don’t do this by mistake.  Since all of ZapTel’s phone cards have a toll free access number, your mobile provider logs in this number as the number you’ve dialed.  The international calling will come off of your phone card.

We understand the need to be able to make your calls quickly and easily, so along with some of our cards having PINzap™ pinless dialing, many have Speed Dial functions as well.  This allows you to save time by dialing the long international phone number in 2 to 3 button presses.


ZapTel Phone Cards with PINzap™ Pinless Dialing & Speed Dial Available


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