Use your phone card from a mobile phone

January 7th, 2008

"I only have a mobile or cell phone.  Can I use ZapTel phone cards from my cell phone?"

All ZapTel phone cards can be used from a mobile or cell phone as long as the phone provider doesn’t block toll free numbers from being dialed.  However, minutes may be taken off your cell phone plan for calling into the phone card network with the toll free number.

Here’s an example.  Let’s say you have a mobile phone plan with 700 minutes per month and you use a Wireless World card to make your International calls.  When you use your cell phone with your phone card, your 700 minutes may decrease for dialing the toll free access number for your phone card.  Your International charges, though, will come off the balance of your phone card.

Many customers have told me that they find it helpful to use their ZapTel phone card with their mobile phone during the times of the day where they have unlimited or free calling so their minutes do not decrease. 

Something to watch out for…

One thing that you don’t want to do when you use your phone card from your mobile phone is dial a number in your memory after you’ve accessed your phone card.  We have had a couple issues where a customer dials their 800 number, enters their PIN, then goes to their cell phone book to look up a number and press send or okay to select the number.  Doing this disconnects the phone card, and then you end up dialing the number through your cell phone’s regular service, most times at extreme rates per minute.

The last thing I want a customer to experience is an outrageous mobile phone bill.  We’re in the business of trying to save you money and time, not the other way around.  ZapTel carries a number of phone cards that have Speed Dial associated with them so you can store phone numbers you dial often with your phone card and you don’t have to dial them each time.   You can store up to 99 speed dial numbers with these cards.

Here’s a list of ZapTel phone cards that have Speed Dial:

 All of these cards have PINzap™ pinless dialing as well, so if you had both this and speed dial set up, you could make your international call in just a couple button presses.


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