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Phone Cards with Fees vs. No Fee Calling Cards

January 28th, 2008

“When is it best to buy a phone card that has additional surcharges and service fees?”

Depending on your calling habits and the destination of your phone calls, a phone card with additional surcharges and service fees may actually give you more time than a flat rate phone card.  Here are some pros and cons of buying a card with additional fees vs. a flat rate card.


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Reliable Phone Cards for International Students

January 23rd, 2008

"I have an international student who will be staying with me while they are in the U.S.  What would be the best card for me to purchase?"

While ZapTel offers a number of different phone cards to fit any calling need, there is one in particular that has been created just for International students.    It is called the International Student’s Choice.


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How to make a print out of your virtual phone card

January 14th, 2008

"I know the phone card I purchase from ZapTel is virtual, but is there a way for me to print out all my card information on one page?"

Customers ask us all the time about what would be the best way to print out their phone card.  ZapTel makes this easier with more complete information than any other phone card store.


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Use your phone card from a mobile phone

January 7th, 2008

"I only have a mobile or cell phone.  Can I use ZapTel phone cards from my cell phone?"

All ZapTel phone cards can be used from a mobile or cell phone as long as the phone provider doesn’t block toll free numbers from being dialed.  However, minutes may be taken off your cell phone plan for calling into the phone card network with the toll free number.


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