Dec. 10th Tip - How phone cards bill when calling international mobile phones

December 10th, 2007

"Why are rates to International mobile phones higher than landline rates?"

Calling to a mobile or cell phone outside the U.S. costs more because of how International mobile phone plans bill their customers.

In the U.S., most people purchase mobile phone plans in blocks of minutes.  If you place a call or receive a call on your mobile phone, your minutes reduce.

This is not the same in other countries.  Most international mobile providers offer their subscribers free incoming calls.  If you call from the US to a mobile phone in another country, the provider for the mobile phone you are calling to will make the person placing the call pay for both their rate per minute to place the call and the rate per minute for the person you are calling to receive the call.  This causes the rate per minute to increase.

ZapTel offers a number of phone cards with competitive rates to help offset the high cost of calling to a mobile phone. 

To view the rate per minute to a mobile phone, do a rate search from the country you will be calling from and to.  The second column of rates, which is highlighted in blue, is for calling to a mobile phone.  By doing an advanced search, you can also sort the card selection by the best mobile phone rates.


Phone Card Coupon for Week of December 10th   

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